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... Educating students to be seekers of truth,individuals of character, and "God's servant first."

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Tuition and Fees

Fees Paid at Registration

1st Student in-parish - $350
1st Student out-of-parish/non-Catholic - $400
Each additional student - $50
Building/Growth fee per student - $350

*Tuition and fees must be paid before a schedule of courses is processed.


Tuition per student in-parish - $7,437
Tuition per student out-of-parish/non-Catholic - $7,637
Technology Fee - $550 (Non-refundable)
PTC Fee (per family) - $15
Activity/English/Math Fee - $39

Applicable fees:
Senior Fee (seniors only) - $130
Yearbook Fee (optional) - $60

*Tuition and fees must be paid before a schedule of courses is processed.

Work Study Program

St. Thomas More Catholic High School community strives to provide a quality Catholic education. As good stewards of its resources, STM strives to keep Catholic education affordable while paying its faculty and staff just salaries.

Families may apply for tuition assistance through the Work Study Program. Applications will be available on-line through FACTS beginning April 1st. To access the online application, simply sign in to your online FACTS account, and click on “Apply for Financial Aid”. An application must be completed and submitted by April 15 of each year to apply for grants for the following year. Notification of acceptance to the program will be made in May of each year. Assistance through this program will be based on need, will be awarded on a one-year basis, and will not be automatically renewable. The Work Study Program IS NOT a scholarship.

Facts Information

FACTS Financial Aid

Tuition Management

FACTS Payment Plans

One Payment Plan (payment in full on April 30th)
Semi-Annual Payment Plan (2 payments - July 1st & January 1st)
Monthly Payment Plan (11 months July - May - 1st of the month payment date)
Semi-Monthly Payment Plan (11 months July - May - twice a month 1st & 15th payment dates)