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... Educating students to be seekers of truth,individuals of character, and "God's servant first."

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Spiritual Formation


Homebase is a ministry facilitated by our senior campus ministers for all other campus ministers. This night is one of spiritual growth, formation & training, prayer, teamwork, and renewal. There are three Homebase gatherings each semester. Attendance by all Campus Ministers is required. Alumni campus ministry volunteers also help with Homebase.

Music Ministry

Music Ministry provides all the music for school Masses. With Mass each Thursday throughout the school year, Music Ministry stays busy learning new liturgical music and the most current Christian songs. Music Ministry auditions take place at the end of each school year. Upperclassmen are invited to try out. Our Music Ministry supports a cast of acoustic guitar players, a drummer, occasionally a horn instrument, a bass guitarist, and vocalists.

Ministers of Communion

The privilege of serving as a Minister of Communion is restricted to STM seniors who have received the sacrament of Confirmation and demonstrate proper understanding and reverence for this Sacrament. In collaboration with our Chancellor and the Pastors of our partner Church Parishes, these seniors are able to serve our STM community by helping to distribute the Eucharist at all school Liturgies. Any senior who is a practicing Roman Catholic can request admittance to this special ministry. Ministers of Communion are expected to participate in campus ministry and to be active participants in their home Church Parishes.

Light Retreat

St. Thomas More Junior team members coordinate, plan and conduct retreats for our feeder school junior high students. In these retreats, students are encouraged to be open to God and his word.

Light Night/Impact


The Campus Ministry Team at St. Thomas More Catholic High School hosted Revival 2016 for students, parents, families and friends.

STM's praise and worship band performed to a crowd of over 200 students. Several charities from around the community were on hand explaining their mission and available volunteer opportunities.

The evening ended with adoration and reconciliation. This was truly a beautiful, spiritual way to begin the new school year with the Lord’s blessing.