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... educating students to be seekers of truth, individuals of character, and "God's servant first."

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Our Mission
St. Thomas More Catholic High School
educates students to be seekers of truth,
individuals of character
and "God's servant first."

About St. Thomas More

Our Mission

St. Thomas More Catholic High School educates students to be seekers of truth, individuals of character and “God’s servant first.”

Our campus is a spiritual and faith-filled place, and we continually strive to live our patron saint’s mission of being “God’s servant first.” We are committed to providing events, programs and opportunities that promote the Word of God to our students. From offerings that include weekly Liturgy, the offering of Sacraments, campus ministry, retreats, prayer groups, and mission trips, all members of the St. Thomas More community are encouraged and expected to live their faith.

Vision and Purpose

St. Thomas More Catholic High School is an exemplary Catholic High School that is mission focused and serves primarily the registered parishioners of the 12 owner parishes. St. Thomas More Catholic High School seeks to help students reach their individual potential and is committed to the development of the whole person.

St. Thomas More Catholic High School is grounded in Catholicism and integrates Christian values in all aspects of the student’s education. The school offers a rigorous academic program and prepares students to be global leaders and 21st century thinkers. St. Thomas More supports its students with a dedicated faculty, technology, facilities, and resources that create the very best opportunities for success in life beyond high school. Administration and staff engage with the stakeholders, including owner parishes, parents, families, schools within the owner parishes, alumni and the community.

The school is a good steward of its resources. St. Thomas More Catholic High School graduates are community-minded servant leaders who make decisions based on Catholic values and teachings.


The School

The tradition of Catholic schools has been part of Lafayette and Acadiana since 1821. St. Thomas More Catholic High School opened its doors in 1982, after four years of hard work and planning by many who were dedicated to providing quality Catholic education in southwest Lafayette.

Beginning as a consolidation of two Catholic high schools, STM has expanded over the past years into an educational community serving the 12 owner church parishes, and the surrounding church and civil parishes. Located on a 45-acre tract with 3.5 acres under roof, STM provides a co-educational environment for academic, spiritual, athletic, and co-curricular pursuits.

In 1998, expansion of our facilities included the addition of a multi-purpose room, seven classrooms, and a second gym which allow us to better serve our growing student enrollment. Additionally, an athletic complex including a stadium, football/soccer field, and a track was completed which allows STM to host home athletic events.

Throughout this growth, STM has continued to uphold the strong moral Catholic values instilled by the religious orders of the Christian Brothers, the Sisters of the Most Holy Sacrament, the Mount Carmel Sisters, and the Sisters of the Divine Providence.

School Crest

The crest or coat-of-arms of St. Thomas More Catholic High School was developed in 1981. The center of the crest is the Tudor Rose which represents the union of the two royal houses of England and was worn by the Chancellor of England. Each petal of the rose suggests a heart shape, symbolizing charity, goodness, love of God and country. The rose is surrounded by the STM monogram.

Within the STM monogram, is the cross, symbolizing More’s Catholicity, his devotion as a man of God, and his deep religious convictions, the source of More’s strength.

Directly below the STM monogram, the crest is embellished by More’s actual signature.

The Saint

Born in 1478 and living for 57 years, St. Thomas More was a scholar, tutor to the future king, lawyer, family man, celebrated wit, and finally, Lord Chancellor of the realm. As the playwright Robert Bolt typed him, he was "a man for all seasons." Thomas More is a model of true servant leadership. He had everything and sacrificed it all on a matter of religious principle.

Thomas More was canonized a Saint in 1935. His feast day is observed on June 22. St. Thomas More was a person who loved life, but loved his God more. He was a fervent man of faith, a loyal countryman, an edifying professional, and a committed Catholic.

St. Thomas More wrote "Utopia," a political romance published in 1516. Utopia is the name of an imaginary island where everything was perfect. The word has thus come to be a synonym for a place or state of political or social perfection.
As the patron of our school, the intention is to reflect St. Thomas More's qualities in our school philosophy and programs. Hopefully, all of the students who attend St. Thomas More Catholic High School will, like Thomas More himself, mirror these same virtues of love, hard work, faith in God, loyalty to the Church, and educational scholarship.