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St. Thomas More Catholic High School is owned and operated by 12 church parishes: Holy Cross, Our Lady of Fatima, Our Lady of Wisdom, Sacred Heart (Broussard), St. Anne (Youngsville), St. Edmond, St. John's Cathedral, St. Joseph (Milton), St. Mary, St. Jules, St. Joseph (Broussard), and St. Pius X.

The pastors of these parishes form a board which advises one of their members, designated and appointed by the Bishop of Lafayette as Chancellor, in the ecclesiastical administration of the school. The Chancellor, counseled by the Board of Pastors and ever responsive to the Board in business which involves parish funds, is Pastor of St. Thomas More Catholic High School. The Chancellor is present to the St. Thomas More Advisory Council, but not as a member. The Advisory Council is advisory to the Chancellor. Policies formulated by and emanating from the St. Thomas More Advisory Council become effective by ratification of the Chancellor