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... educating students to be seekers of truth, individuals of character, and "God's servant first."

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SACS CASI, the school accreditation division of AdvancED has accredited STM following an 18-month self-evaluation. The accreditation is for five years. STM received 12 commendations and three recommendations. SACS CASI has reviewed more than 23,000 schools around the globe.

STM is commended for:

  • Focusing on, believing in, and committing to educating "students to be seekers of truth, individuals of character, and ‘God’s servant first'"
  • Supporting and encouraging active participation in professional development opportunities at the local, regional, state, and national level
  • Providing a comprehensive, focused, diverse curriculum based upon standards that meets the needs and interests of all students and prepares them for success beyond high school
  • Infusing technology throughout the school to achieve school wide goals and to enhance teaching and learningProviding support services and systems to promote the development of the whole child through academic endeavors, guidance services, media services, and ministry
  • Having a dedicated, professional, committed faculty and staff, which is one of the key elements in the overall success of St. Thomas More
  • Having a dynamic leadership team which exemplifies a commitment to the pursuit of school improvement and student achievement and fosters cohesiveness between school and community
  • Having a faculty, staff, and student body who have built a school climate that is warm, friendly, cooperative, and positive
  • Displaying a sense of pride that is embedded throughout the school and school community
  • Offering a variety of co-curricular and extra-curricular programs that enhance student opportunities for personal development, self expression, individuality, creativity, and leadership
  • Using diverse modes of communication to provide stakeholders with pertinent information and opportunities for input
  • Providing individual departments the necessary autonomy and flexibility to address unique needs while maintaining alignment with the school goals

STM received the following recommendations for improvement:

  • Review departmental expectations in the school improvement plan and formulate more defined, measurable objectives/expectations with baselines and targets based upon student performance data
  • Actively seek and implement ways to provide time for ongoing collaboration within and across content areas to further curriculum alignment, identify cross-curricular connections, and identify strategies to foster the development of critical thinking skills and ensure relevancy
  • Regularly communicate progress toward school-wide goals to all stakeholders