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Students Acknowledged for Work in Literary Magazine

Thank you to our student writers and artists for their contribution to our literary magazine.

This publication started 36 years ago as a way to show the STM School Board that their efforts to lower class size in English allowed us as teachers to increase opportunities for students to write. Over the years, a fine line has become a showcase of student creativity in both writing and art and has focused on local historical events like Hurricane Katrina or the 2016 flood. In fact, the volume highlighting the BP oil spill found its way to offices of state and local government officials.

This year's theme Streaming took on a new meaning as a result of the pandemic. What began as a focus on how sound affects our lives expanded as students wrote about coping with isolation and their sense of loss from missing landmark events like final sports seasons and the end of high school.

So volume 36 of a fine line is dedicated to all those affected by COVID-19, especially the Class of 2020 and four long-time Cougars - Frances Angers, Belinda Edwards, Sharon Johnson, Debbie Kremheller - who ended their careers at STM without getting the sendoff they deserve.  ~ Cinde Sulik & Belinda Edwards, June 2020