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Students Engineer 3D Carpal Tunnel Brace

St. Thomas More Catholic High School will be sending three students to the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair in Phoenix, AZ from May 13-17th. William Delatte, William Alexander, Adam Barousse engineered a 3D printed carpal tunnel brace. The students tested the brace with sensors for proper wrist alignment as well as comfort for the user. In consultation with doctors and medical literature, they determined the correct angle for the wrist. Software connected to the sensors continuously monitored for the correct angle to make sure the design was effectively holding the wrist at the correct angle even after the user bent their wrist. According to Engineering teacher Shawnessy Bloom, what makes this brace unique is that it allows the user to bend the wrist as needed but will return the wrist to the correct position when the wrist muscles are again relaxed.

After competing in the Science and Engineering Fair at the state level there were six slots for students from Louisiana to go and these three were chosen among all students competing at the State level.  Bloom says, “This is a remarkable accomplishment for these young men who have shown how research, planning, and creative engineering can lead to development of an innovative medical device which could benefit untold thousands of people.”