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Academic Support

Our program is to help students with specific learning difficulties achieve success in their academic courses.

Goals for Students

  • Incorporate techniques and study skills which will help them compensate for their learning differences
  • Celebrate their God-given gifts and talents
  • Take ownership for their learning
  • To become independent, life – long learners

Criteria Considered for Acceptance

(Eligibility must be approved annually by the Academic Support Program Committee)

  • Parent must complete the application for services annually

ASP Application

  • Current accommodation (last 3 years) plan
  • Physician’s statement
  • Ability of STM to accommodate student’s needs with present resources
  • History of academic difficulty
  • History of student’s UTILIZATION of accommodations offered (evaluated every semester)
  • Student is on an Academic Contract with the STM Administration

Possible Accommodations

  • Additional time on major tests and quizzes
  • Distraction free testing environment
  • Ability to write on test or have test answers transferred on to SCANTRON form
  • Preferential seating
  • Tests read aloud (digital, not human reader)
  • Note buddy
  • Additional time on standardized tests*
  • Eligibility for STM More Program

*Please note: Accommodations through the STM Academic Support Program do not necessarily ensure accommodations on standardized test

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