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Help Desk

The STM Help Desk is the first completely student-run coed Helpdesk in the nation. It began in the summer of 2011 in preparation for the tablet initiative. After the first four year cycle with our older model ended, a technology committee was formed to choose the tablet PC that fit best for our environment. Ultimately, the opinions of the faculty, students, and parents were taken into consideration to make the decision to use the Fujitsu T935 tablets for the next four years.

In the summer of 2015, twenty student Helpdesk employees worked to prepare 1,100 new tablet PCs for the 2015-2016 school year. The Helpdesk operates as a licensed Fujitsu Warranty Repair center with all employees Fujitsu certified and some A+ certified, which is the industry standard for entry level computer technicians.

Help Desk employees are an active part of integrating technology across campus. They handle everything involved with the repair and maintenance of the computers including reimaging, diagnosing, and fixing software and hardware issues as well as ordering parts. Employees also work with the six wireless printers stationed around the school as well as the wireless projectors located in every classroom. New to the 2015-2016 year is a program assigning every Helpdesk employee to a specific department to answer any technology-related questions and ease the transition to the new computers.

STM Augmented Reality App

STM AR does not collect, store, or transmit any personal information.

The STM AR (augmented reality) app was developed by alumnus David Fontenot '16 for Open House 2018.

Tablet Insurance, Orders & Repairs


The following link contains the technology policies and permission forms. Parents and students are required to read each policy. All permission forms must be signed by the student and parent. These completed forms must be presented in order for the student to receive their tablet.

2018 - 2019 Policies Permission Form

Fujitsu Case Study

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Click here to read Fujitsu case study.

Mission Trips

Haiti Technology Mission Trip

June 3 - 10, 2018

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Costa Rica 2014


We are excited to introduce our new DREAMS space, an innovation and fabrication lab generously funded by our PTC. DREAMS (Design, Research, Engineering, Art, Math, Science) is an acronym encompassing skills we look to develop in our students. Witnessing students’ ideas materialize through practical applications of engineering, art, math and science concepts is the goal of DREAMS.

Since most traditional STEM (Science-Technology-Engineering-Math) programs include technology as a primary component, why is technology (the T) NOT part of our acronym? As a 1:1 school, technology is already a vital part of everything we teach--its inclusion is understood and expected. DREAMS goes beyond a typical STEM program, preparing our students for the real world by integrating learning throughout the curriculum, and the spaces incorporate the use of technology in the design and creation process.

DREAMS includes two labs. The fabrication lab, used daily by our Engineering and Chemistry Honors classes, has industrial workbenches and stools. Additional benches hold power tools and 3D printers. The lab also has a computer-operated router, hand tools and fabrication supplies. The innovation space has collaborative workspace options that include café and standard height tables, modular seating and counter space with stools. Collaboration is made simple with an abundance of white boards and writable surfaces.

Teachers in English, Math, Health & PE, Social Studies, Theology, World Language, Fine Arts and Science have reserved the innovation space and are challenging their students to become innovators who may someday change the world.

Fabrication Lab

Innovation Lab

Contact Us

Sandra Lagrange
Technology Integration Specialist
Extension: 163

Chris Landreneau
Network Specialist
Extension: 180

Robin Herrington
Help Desk Coordinator
Extension: 164