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The STM library strives to help students become critical thinkers, enthusiastic readers, skillful researchers, ethical users of information, and lifelong learners.

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    AR Policy

    How Do You Get Your Book Approved?

    1. Check the Exclusion List. Talk to a librarian to see if current movie books are still on the list.
    2. Check AR Bookfinder to see if there is a test on your book. If the interest level is:

    • UG (grades 9-12) or MG+ (grades 6 and up) interest level--you can take the test.
    • MG (grades 4-8) interest level--you can take the test with your English teacher's approval BEFORE reading the book. Bring a note from her when you come to test.
    • No test on LG books will count for credit

    3. If you don't see your book, check the list of AR Tests Only Available at STM. These do not appear on AR BookFinder. For example, all the Mr. Monk books are on this list.
    4. Still no test? Email a librarian.
    5. Final step- sign up with your English teacher. Books must be pre-approved for you to receive credit, so make sure to sign up at least one school day before testing on the book throughout the quarter and at least five school days before the quarter reading deadline.

    How Is the AR Grade Calculated?

    Each student must earn 15 AR points per quarter.
    Your AR grade is worth 50 points.

    • Half is based on the number of points you earn. You must earn the required 15 AR points to make 25/25. These points cannot come from novels assigned as class reading. Partial credit is given
    • The other half is an average of scores of all tests taken that quarter, including those tests taken fore an extra AR grade.
    How Can You Earn an Extra AR Grade?

    Once you have earned your required AR points, you have the opportunity to receive an additional 50/50 or 100/100 during each quarter.

    For an extra 50/50 grade: 25 AR points total (10pts + mandatory 15pts)

    For an extra 100/100 grade: 35 AR points total (20pts + mandatory 15pts)

    Note: You must get approval for these books as well, and you will need to print out scores after completing an AR test before receiving approval for the next. To earn the extra 50/50 or 100/100, you simply need to earn the required points, and the percent correct will not be factored into the extra grade; however, the percent correct will be factored into the 25-point comprehension grade that is part of your required 50/50 AR grade.


    EBSCO Databases
    MAS Ultra, History Reference Center, Newpaper Source, Academic Search Complete, Literary Reference Center

    Gale Databases
    Gale Opposing Viewpoints in Context, Gale Student Resource in Context, Gale Virtual Reference Library, Literature Resource Center

    Issues and Controversies in American History

    Classroom Video on Demand

    Salem Online ebooks in health, history and literature

    Scientific American


    Catholic News Archive

    ARDA: Association of Religion Data Archives

    Library Art Installation

    This art installation was funded by Dr. and Mrs. John Vigorito, honoring the final wishes of Ms. Rita McGrath and Ms. Lorraine Marchand, former Most Holy Sacrament sisters who taught and served at St. Thomas More from 1982 to 2005. Both loved books, libraries and art - and were committed to education and service. Read more about the installation here.


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