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Cougar Cast

Our T.V. Productions class hosts a live weekly show called Cougar Cast, focusing on school announcements, important news, sports and weather. The class is divided into two groups and students alternate weeks running the show. Each student has the opportunity to produce, direct, anchor, edit an episode and learn so much more! 


2021 - 2022 Cougar Cast Crew
Advisor - Robin Herrington

Navy Team
Mary-Claire Adroin 
Cecile Chappuis
Jacob Chauvin
Jonathan Frey 
Margaret Hurley
Macie Romero 
Hunter Swilly 

Maroon Team 
Blair Cestia 
Frances Cocke
Clay Hebert 
Kyleigh Hemperly 
Martina Maggi 
Jeremy Oubre 
Ethan Tuminello 
Leo Veronie

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