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2020 – 2021 Varsity

Katy Barrilleaux
Brinly Bond
Camille Caillet
Grace Campo
Kate Champagne
Madeline Champagne
Peighton Delhomme
Abby Diesi
Ani Domingue
Emmie Dowdy
Grace Dupuis
Mary Juneau
Lauren LaCombe
Raegan Latiolais
Emma Leblanc
Ellen Maturin
Kate O’Neal
Ava Pagitt
Rose Rountree
Rachel-Caroline Schwartzenburg
Ava St.Pierre
Isabelle Tatman
Catherine Thibeaux
Emily Grace Voisin
Isabella Womble
Claire Zehnder

2020 – 2021 Jr. Varsity

Emily Barrilleaux
Ashley Boone
Elizabeth Braun
Ava Clark, Sophomore Rep.
Mathile D'Albor
Breanna Dugas
Audrey Duplechin
Briley Fitzgerald
Hailee Freeman
Ella Grace Hall
Emma Hardy
Anne Marie Hebert
Kaitlyn Hebert
Mia LoPiccolo
Alaina Lukasko
Taylor Moore
C.C. Patin
Elise Patin
Jules Spiess
Anna-Claire Waguespack
Olivia Way, Freshman Rep.
Katelyn Weinstein




Summer Camp Accomplishments

The 2020 - 2021 Cougar Competition team attended UCA Home Camp at STM due to COVID-19 restrictions. 

Emmie Dowdy, Abby Diesi, Olivia Way and Isabella Womble were selected by UCA staff members and others on their squad to receive the Pin It Forward award.

Kaitlyn Weinstein, Ani Domingue, Peighton Delhomme, Ava St. Pierre
Kate Champagne, Mary Juneau, and Camille Caillet were named All American and Ani Domingue and Rose Rountree won the jump off contest.  Other awards presented by UCA staff included: Camille Caillet (Dancing Diva), Oliva Way and Ava Clark (Newbie Power), Emmie Dowdy (Smiling Queen), Lauren Lacombe (Tuck it Out), Madeline Champagne (Energizer Award) and Grace Campo (Class Clown)

The Varsity team is coached by Kelsey Collins '09. The Junior Varsity team is coached by Maranda Scopes '16. Mrs. Kim Manuel and Ms. Sydni Haydell '16 serve as the moderators.