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Thank you for your commitment to St. Thomas More and your contribution to Envision More.

If you would like to discuss your gift to Envision More or possible Naming Opportunities, please email anne.pitre@stmcougars.net. Donors with Naming Opportunities will be listed in the St. Thomas More Athletic Society.  Deadline to join the society is July 1, 2024.

Please click here if you prefer to mail in your pledge.

If pledging your donation over a period of time, please put the amount of the monthly, quarterly, annual or one-time gift here and enter the number of payments in the Payment Options section below.​​
For a lifetime naming opportunity, please email anne.pitre@stmcougars.net.
Weight Room Rack Lifetime Naming Opportunity - $15,000 to be paid over 5 years.​​​
Leave Your Legacy by having your name in your team locker room for a lifetime. Your gift of $5000 per name may be paid over 5 years.​​

Payment Options

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You can cancel your subscription by emailing brittany.eskridge@stmcougars.net or calling 337-988-3700