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Writing Ministry

Raisin Cakes
Sophie Kate Pharr '19

A few weeks ago, Coach Strother asked me to write something to share with the STM community to read that could help move people closer to Jesus. He said it could be about absolutely anything. I love writing and it is where I find myself being the most productive in my spiritual life, but knowing I would be writing something for a community that I hold dear to my heart, with no set topic of discussion or due date, it was hard for me to decide what I was going to write about. 

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In Memory of Fr. Joe
Lance Strother, Campus Ministry Director

Today, on the 3rd anniversary of Fr. Joe’s death, we reflect on the transformative blessing it was to have him as part of our lives, as part of our school, as a Chaplain and as a dear friend to so many.

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Gospel Reflection - Matthew 20:6-26
Fray Bryson '22

This gospel shares the parable of the man who hires laborers to work in his vineyard. The man chooses to pay all those that worked for him on this day the daily wage, even the ones that only worked an hour. There is lots to take apart in this Gospel, but I would like to focus on the conversation between the man who is hiring and those he hires at the end of the day.

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My Reflection
Kali Calkins '14

I came home today after work carrying with me the reality that one of my patients just received a new diagnosis of Glioblastoma which is terminal brain/spinal cord cancer. 

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Ann Clare Fremin '19

I want a lot. I want a warm chocolate chip cookie, right now. I want to have a decent sleep schedule. I want to move to rural Italy. I also want to be fully known and unconditionally loved. I said I want a lot!


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