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Hopefest Music Charity Festival

March 24, 2018 | Parc International, Downtown Lafayette | 11 a.m. - 9 p.m

Hopefest is an annual music charity festival that serves two beneficiaries. This year, Hopefest is donating all proceeds to Jacob Crouch Suicide Prevention Services, an organization that brings awareness to mental health and suicide in the Acadiana community, and the St. Thomas More Options Program

11:00-11:10 The Getaway
11:11-11:16 Natalie and Julia Spielman
11:17-11:22 Elizabeth Haydel
11:23-11:28 Caroline Kennedy
11:29-11:34 Madeline Busch
11:35-11:45 Maddy Thibodeaux
11:46-11:56 Combo
11:57-12:10 Megan Colomb
12:11-12:25 Caleb Smith
12:26-12:40 Noa Hollinger
12:41-1:05 Joe Bryson
1:06-1:36 Surprise Young Talent
1:45-3:00 Beau Young Band
3:20-4:25 Mia Montero
4:45-5:45 New Native Brass Band
6:00-7:00 MacKenzie Bourg
7:15-9:00 Roddie Romero and the Hub City All-Stars

Purchase your tickets below! Pre-sale tickets are $15 for adults or $25 at the gate. Tickets for children 10 and under may be purchased at the gate for $5.

Be a Hopefest Sponsor

PLATINUM SPONSOR - Donation of $2000 or more receive ten free admission tickets, a sign on front stage, recognition at Hopefest, television and radio broadcasts, and name on Hopefest t-shirt. (Donation must be received by March 14 to be on the t-shirt)

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Providing Hope

Over the past years, we have provided hope to the following non-profit associations:

St. Thomas More Options Program

2007 Orphans of Acadiana

2008 Stuller Place

2009 Downs Syndrome Society of Acadiana

2010 Autism Society

2011 Catholic Service Centers

2012 Family Missions

2013 St. Bernadette’s Clinic

2014 Holy Family Catholic School

2015 Healing House

2016 Desormeaux Foundation

2017 Boys and Girls Club of Acadiana

Hopefest has donated nearly $1 million to local charities.