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Service/Formation Guidelines

By completing at least five (5) service or formation hours per quarter a student can gain a two point grade increase to their quarter average in Theology. (The grade increase will never be applied to progress reports, semester or end of the year grades.)

Service Hours must meet ALL of the following criteria:

  • work done for a non-profit organization
  • work which is not mandated by any other club or organization
  • work that is done for a non-relative
  • work voluntarily serving an important human or civic need (in accordance with our Catholic faith and morals)

Formation Hours must meed ALL of the following criteria:

  • activities that spiritually educate a person in Christian discipleship (e.g., a retreat)
  • activities which are sponsored by an approved Christian organization
  • activities that are voluntary and not mandated by any other club or organization

Any service or formation hours completed by a student may only be applied to the Quarter average in which the hours were performed. Hours completed during final exams week and the summer months may only be applied to the first quarter of the following school year. Hours completed during midterm exams week and Christmas break may be applied to the third quarter only.

In order to encourage service hours, the acceptance of formation hours during the course of a complete school year (4 quarters) will be limited to ten (10) hours. This limitation does not apply to service hours.

Students have until the last day of each quarter to complete hours and to submit signed service/formation hour forms to their Theology teachers for verification and approval.

Service/Formation Hour Forms