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Gospel Reflection - Matthew 20:6-26
Fray Bryson '22

This gospel shares the parable of the man who hires laborers to work in his vineyard. The man chooses to pay all those that worked for him on this day the daily wage, even the ones that only worked an hour. There is lots to take apart in this Gospel, but I would like to focus on the conversation between the man who is hiring and those he hires at the end of the day.

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Here I am today
Reagan Guidry '12

Growing up, I always carried a sense of wonder. My parent's joke that I came out of the womb asking “why?” I am told I always sought to be around adults and a part of adult conversation.

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My Reflection
Kali Calkins '14

I came home today after work carrying with me the reality that one of my patients just received a new diagnosis of Glioblastoma which is terminal brain/spinal cord cancer. 

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Ann Clare Fremin '19

I want a lot. I want a warm chocolate chip cookie, right now. I want to have a decent sleep schedule. I want to move to rural Italy. I also want to be fully known and unconditionally loved. I said I want a lot!


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