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Kali Calkins '14

I came home today after work carrying with me the reality that one of my patients just received a new diagnosis of Glioblastoma which is terminal brain/spinal cord cancer. She just recently had a craniotomy to remove a tumor last week and she was beginning to progress gradually. We approached her room and her friend was waiting to greet us out in the hallway. I noticed she had tears in her eyes and she informed us of the vicious news that was delivered a few moments earlier. This patient is hands down the most smiley person I’ve ever encountered. She wears this type of smile that makes you think “is she really all there? She must be out of it a lil bit because of her current circumstances”. Although she may not be entirely oriented to the time of year and does have trouble effectively expressing herself due to the impacts of the cancer, she is receptive to our simple commands and is aware enough to realize what’s happening to her right now. 

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Ann Clare Fremin '19

I want a lot. I want a warm chocolate chip cookie, right now. I want to have a decent sleep schedule. I want to move to rural Italy. I also want to be fully known and unconditionally loved. I said I want a lot!

We are all incessantly wanting, longing, thirsting to be satisfied. God has created us for himself, and he has marked our hearts with a thirst for perfect love, a thirst that can be quenched by him alone. We are all thirsting for God.

God is also thirsting for you and me.

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THE WAY: Surrender
Alaina Le '21

“I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me” (Jn 14:6). This well-known quote from Jesus is used for this year’s Campus Ministry theme, “THE WAY: Surrender.” When I look at commonly quoted scripture such as John 14:6 and see commonly used words in our faith such as “the Way” and “surrender,” I’m almost inclined to take the words at face value. Jesus is the Way. I must surrender myself to Him. However, even though I may feel accustomed to or well-versed in a certain theme of our faith, I appreciate the STM Campus Ministry for annually bringing back these somewhat “simple” concepts because each time, I can perceive them in a new light.

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