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... Educating students to be seekers of truth,individuals of character, and "God's servant first."

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Faculty and Staff

Robyn Alfonso, Asst. Director of Admissions
Extension: 187

Frances Angers, Academic Support
Extension: 152

Corey Arceneaux, Facilities Director
Extension: 141

Jill Ardoin, Social Studies
Extension: 257

Cherie Bailey, Business Office Assistant
Extension: 155

Sarah Berard, Science
Extension: 250

Shawnessy Bloom, Science
Extension: 285

Aaron Breaux '05, Theology
Extension: 276

Fr. Joe Breaux, STM Chaplain
Extension: 157

Katie Breaux, Business & Technology
Extension: 244

Natalie Breaux, Math
Extension: 246

Danny Broussard, Asst. Director of Alumni
Extension: 185

Kim Broussard, Athletic Director
Extension: 137

Megan Broussard '05, Fine Arts
Extension: 147

Rico Broussard, Custodian

Kristen Brown '95, Counselor
Extension: 146

Jessica Burke, Physical Education
Extension: 200

Marty Cannon '93, Social Studies
Extension: 201

Lola Champagne, Science
Extension: 215

Joe Comeaux, Custodian
Extension: 277

Willie Cooper, Custodian
Extension: 219

Jeffery Cormier, Theology Administrator
Extension: 159

Nick Cortese '09, Social Studies
Extension: 240

Wesley Cortese '07, Social Studies
Extension: 235

Michelle Curtis, Asst. Director of Communications
Extension: 186

Cherie Daigle, English
Extension: 241

Dan Duhon, Science
Extension: 260

John Dupuis '85, Science
Extension: 247

Sara DuVernay, Fine Arts
Extension: 269

Belinda Edwards, Library
Extension: 220

Amanda Faucheux, Nurse
Extension: 184

Dr. Cheryl Fruge', College Admissions Advisor
Extension: 145

Stephanie Goodrich, Social Studies
Extension: 217

Gladys Granger, Custodian
Extension: 249

Sharon Guillory, English
Extension: 219

Cosima Hasenstein, World Language
Extension: 225

Ramona Hebert, Theology
Extension: 274

Robin Herrington, Help Desk Coordinator
Extension: 164

Jim Hightower, Mathematics
Extension: 229

Karla Hoffpauir, Counseling Center Receptionist
Extension: 144

Charlie Jaubert, Science
Extension: 256

Mark Jennings '04, Social Studies
Extension: 236

Sharon Johnson, Counselor
Extension: 133

Jill Doise'94 Johnstone, English
Extension: 259

Michael Keefe, Theology
Extension: 232

Mary Kellner, Administrative Assistant
Extension: 128

Brittney Knight '09, Options
Extension: 188

Lana Kopieczek, World Language
Extension: 266

Debbie Kremheller, Library
Extension: 275

Sandra LaGrange, Technology Integration Specialist
Extension: 163

Chris Landreneau, Network Specialist
Extension: 180

Debbie Landry, Mathematics
Extension: 223

Jennifer Landry, Options
Extension: 188

Wayne Landry, Custodian

Rich Lane, Dean of Students
Extension: 123

Melanie Lauer '96, English
Extension: 218

Richard Lavergne, President
Extension: 129

David LeBlanc, Physical Education
Extension: 234

Kelley Leger, Principal
Extension: 127

Jacquie Lerille '83, Theology
Extension: 233

Michelle Libersat, Math
Extension: 224

Benny Littell, Theology
Extension: 202

Kim Manuel, English
Extension: 239

Dr. Claire Masterson, English
Extension: 209

Kathryn May, Math
Extension: 277

Lyndley McNabb, English
Extension: 251

Barbara Melebeck, Options
Extension: 188

Michelle Miholic, English
Extension: 243

Karen Minor, English and Fine Arts
Extension: 228

Lorraine Mouton, Custodian
Extension: 253

Denise Nero, Asst. Principal of Instruction
Extension: 130

Ashley Noto '98,Mathematics
Extension: 267

Elizabeth Oge '94, Mathematics
Extension: 214

Sierra Payne, Fine Arts
Extension: 258

Gary Perkins, Mathematics
Extension: 242

Shannon Phillips, Theology
Extension: 254

Gabriele Pirtle, Science
Extension: 283

Anne Pitre, Director of Advancement
Extension: 126

Broc Prejean, Social Studies
Extension: 262

Wendy Primeaux, Options
Extension: 188

Heidi Reed, Receptionist
Extension: 120

Dr. Gerard Richard, Science
Extension: 207

Eddie Roberts, Science
Extension: 278

Jacob Rodrigue, Social Studies
Extension: 213

Christy Romero, Counselor
Extension: 131

Mamie Romero, Registrar
Extension: 156

Linda Rozas, English
Extension: 263

Shane Savoie '95, Business & Technology
Extension: 204

Jennifer Sibille '01, Theology
Extension: 264

Rickey Smith, Physical Education
Extension: 281

Victoria Smith, World Languages
Extension: 280

May Soria, World Languages
Extension: 208

Julie Spedale, Academic Support
Extension: 149

Terrie St. Martin, Mathematics
Extension: 205

Hailey Hanks Stevenson '10, Advancement
Extension: 161

Stephanie Stevenson '83, Mathematics
Extension: 265

Emily Stoehr, World Languages
Extension: 279

Stephen Strojny '93, Social Studies
Extension: 216

Lance Strother '96, Campus Ministry Director
Extension: 140

Nicole Strother '92, Counselor
Extension: 132

Ellen Stutes, Mathematics
Extension: 245

Cinde Sulik, Library
Extension: 136

Lori Talbot, English
Extension: 230

Doug Taylor, Social Studies
Extension: 268

Daniel Terrebonne, Band
Extension: 122

David Thompson, Mathematics
Extension: 270

Terry Tidwell, Social Studies
Extension: 271

Laura Trahan, Counseling, English, Yearbook
Extension: 282

AndriaWaguespack, Physical Education
Extension: 237

Margaret Waits, Support Staff
Extension: 284

Cathy Walz, Science
Extension: 206

Brian Watkins, Options
Extension: 188

Mary Werther, Business Manager
Extension: 125

Debbie Wetzel, Account Services Manager
Extension: 142

Brooke Womack, Physical Education
Extension: 203

Michele Young, Admin. Receptionist
Extension: 182