"The things that we pray for, Lord, give us the grace to labor for."
~Sir Thomas More

Campaign Components

Spirit: St. Thomas More Chapel

The Need: The Chapel relocation was first placed in the 1997 St. Thomas More Strategic Plan. Our current outdoor facility lacks symbolism of a Catholic school. The indoor facility provides a small space that serves as a chapel for mass, a space for adoration, and a confessional. In addition, the campus ministry program serves over 50% of the student body with very little office and ministry space.

The Solution: To reinforce the Catholic identity of St. Thomas More, the chapel will be prominently positioned at the front of the school. This new building will include a Chapel with fixed seating, an Adoration Chapel, a confessional, and a Campus ministry meeting room and offices. The increased space will allow more opportunities for the following campus ministry initiatives: service work, retreats, pilgrimages, leadership fellowship, and faith formation.

Future Use of Current Chapel: The current Chapel space will be used by our art department, providing additional space for teaching and storage. Art supplies and materials will be removed from plant maintenance areas, decreasing fire hazard and increasing safety.

Expression: Creative Arts & Community Center

The Need: In 1982, we served 750 students and offered 34 clubs and sports. Today, we serve over 1,000 students and offer 65 clubs and athletic opportunities. To accommodate the increase in students and opportunities, we need more meeting space, practice space and additional cafeteria space. After-school and evening activities in the current facility increase utility costs.

The Solution: The Creative Arts and Community Center will accommodate a variety of school groups including fine arts, ministry, spirit squads and extracurricular groups. The current stage will be relocated from the cafeteria to this building. This will allow the current cafeteria to increase in size, providing additional lunchroom seating. The plan encourages the addition of an outside dining patio and green space. This facility will provide a separate after-hours entrance into the school, increasing building security and reducing electrical usage.

Mind: Academic Building

Completed July 2017

The Need: With a lack of adequate space for the student population, 17 teachers shifted between class periods on rolling carts. Furthermore, the lack of classroom space also limited the additional courses and electives offered to students. The classrooms previously dedicated to the Options program made it difficult to support the goals of the program—academic and life skills.

The Solution: With the addition of classroom space, we not only decreased the number of roaming teachers, but also accommodated an increase in the number of electives offered. In conjunction with the existing curriculum, we are now able to provide additional dual enrollment courses for juniors and seniors to garner college credit. The two new Options classrooms have allowed the program to have the additional space necessary for academic, transitional and life skills training.

Body: Athletic & Fitness Center

The Need: STM currently has over 650 athletes participating in 20 sports with limited space and storage areas. Outdoor and indoor sports for male and female athletes lack ample lockers, training and fitness space, classroom space and meeting areas.

The Solution: The Athletic and Fitness Center will contain a weight room, locker rooms, equipment rooms, a training room and coaches’ offices. The building will increase classroom and weight room space to meet the needs of both athletics and physical education classes. Additional locker rooms will provide male and female athletes participating in outdoor sports with a place to change and store their personal items and equipment. Through the creation of this facility, more existing building space will become available for indoor sports and other activities.