Richard and Elaine Zuschlag

Louis and Chandelle Richard
Rodney and Cindi Savoy
St. Thomas More Foundation

Tudor Rose
Blane and Kathi Comeaux
Scott '92 and Crystal '91 Domingue
Howard and Anne Dupuis
Rob and Toni Eddy
Greg '90 and Elaine Geoffroy
Joe and Debbie Giglio
Mac and Andrea Guarino

Steve and Debbie Ashy
Philip and Robyn Boudreaux
Michael and Claire '86 Haydel
Craig and Jamie Henry
Tommy '87 and Karen Juneau
The Eddy Knight Family Foundation
Joseph and Rachel Labruzzo
Todd and Myra '88 Lambert
Todd and Amy Landry
Ross '99 and Beth '99 LeBlanc
Robert and Judy Mahtook
John '87 and Mary '88 Quoyeser
Andrew '00 and Elizabeth Robertson
Bryan and Shelley Sibley
Kerney and Claudette Simoneaux
Richard and Linda Sturlese
Sam and Ellen Wright
Blaise '02 and Monica Zuschlag
Blair '99 and Sara Zuschlag

Brett '92 and Bethany Broussard
Sterling and Carla Broussard
Troy '92 and Jeanne Cloutier
Russell and Charlotte '89 Cryer
John and Jill Deats
Joel and Cheryl Fruge
Jake and Janee' Garber
Neal and Ashley '91 Guidry
Brandon '92 and Sarah Hyde
David and Aimee John
Danny '97 and Caroline '00 Jones
Jeffrey and April Kreger
Red and Emma Lerille
Melissa Menard
Andre '84 and Angela '83 Moreau
J.B. Mouton, LLC
William and Lori Parker
Cranston and Matilde Smith
Coni Trahan
Hunter '89 and Renae Trahan

Chris and Marisa Alack
Mark and Carolyn Artall
Rev. Joseph Breaux
Henry and Annette Busch
Frank and Andree Caillet
Richard and Tanya Campbell
Paul and Rochelle Duplechin
James '90 and Joel Godchaux
Karen Goodrich
Raymond and Stephanie Goodrich
Jerry and Nancy Greig
Cyril and Lydia Guidry
Barry and Kathleen Heinen
Jim '96 and Danielle Keaty
David '83 and Betsy '85 Koke
Joey and Lisa LeBeau
Brent and Tonya Mouton
Christopher and Kennis Pippin
Gordon and Catherine '87 Rountree
David and Veronica Stinson


Walter and Kimberly Allred
Michael and Jodie Andrus
Shawn and Livia Benoit
Martial F. Billeaud, Sr. Foundation
Randy and Carol Bonnecaze
Troy and Emilie Boudreaux
Mike and Maria Breaux
Bradley and Kathleen Broussard
Danny and Dena Broussard
Jonathan '05 and Megan '05 Broussard
Christine Abshire Cook '87
Tracy and Michelle Curtis
Cordell and Linda Dartez
Stewart and Renee Delcambre
Marie Doiron
Tom and Celia Foard
Scott '86 and Kelley Gauthreaux
David and Susan Guidry
Stuart and Aimee '83 Hamilton
Kevin and Dianne '88 Hebert
Warren and Ramona Hebert
Scott and Jill '94 Johnstone
Michael and Maureen Judice
Harold and Mary Kennedy
Expadie and Linda Laperouse
Debbie Latiolais
Vince and Melanie '96 Lauer
Richard and Yvette Lavergne
Michael and Kelley Leger
Mark and Jacquie '83 Lerille
Bruce and Stacy Montesano
Denise Breaux Nero
Nicholas '94 and Elizabeth '94 Oge'
Mark and Anne Pitre
Horace J. Pontiff
Mike and Teri Poole
Jay and Kimberly Seymour
Kirk and Lisa Smith
Thomas and Julie Spedale
STM Senior Football 2018
Darren '92 and Nicole '92 Strother
Mark and Leslie '84 Tammariello
Victor and Sonya Tedesco
Corwin and Catherine Thomas
Peter and Jeanne Vizzi
Brian and Donielle Watkins
Paul and Michelle Zehnder


A & L Valve and Fitting
Eric and Robyn Alfonso
Steve and Frances Angers
Allen and Sarah Berard
Kim and Cheryl Broussard
Leon and Karin Broussard
Ronald and Shirley Burkhead
Val and Lola Champagne
David and Shoney Dauterive
Bryant and Beth DeLoach
Nicholas and Maria Doucet
Roland and Amelie Dugas
Eddie and Loretta Evans
Doug and Sharon Guillory
John and Jennifer Hall
Raymond and Allyson '86 Hebert
Jay and Holly '84 Hurley
Pat and Truly Juneau
Rich and Sally Lane
Louis Ledet and Becky Greig-Ledet
Chris '89 and Candace Mahoney
Patrick and Cheryl Ottinger
Bryant and Breanda Poche
Jon and Joan Ransonet
Heidi Reed
Todd and Maggie Simar
Ted and Vicky Smith
Terry and Jeanette St. Cyr
David and Tammy Stepanek
Will '09 and Hailey '10 Stevenson
Stephen '93 and Alison Strojny
Guy and Tracy Vincent
Cathy Walz


Acadiana Urgent Care
Dane Adams
Kevin and Jill Ardoin
Fannie Rose Augustine
Lawrence and Barbara Bahlinger
Stephen and Kay Bienvenu
Helen Billeaud
Anthony and Shawnessy Bloom
Kenneth and Phyllis Boone
Angell Boustany
Aaron Breaux '05
Carl and Kathleen Breaux
Natalie Breaux
Rico Broussard
Sharon Broussard
Bruce and Kristen '95 Brown
Tom and Jessica Burke
Joe Comeaux
Willie and Kathleen Cooper
Jeffrey and Becky Cormier
Nicholas '09 and Allie '10 Cortese
Wesley Cortese '07
John and Cherie Daigle
James R. Dean
John and Lucille Delaune
John and Betsy '91 Deshotels
Ravely and Marguerite Domingue
Dax and Tiffany Douet
Daniel and Debbie Duhon
Whitney and Nancye Duhon
John Dupuis '85
Sara Duvernay
Belinda Edwards
John and Randy Ellis
Julie Evans '17
Amanda Faucheux
Amy Fontenot '06
John and Linda Fontenot
Susan Foret
James and Angela Furka
Lima Fuselier
Ernest and Alice Girouard
Kelly Glascock
Nebert and Donna Gobert
Cosima Hasenstein
Robin Herrington
Karla Hoffpauir
Charlie and Mandy Jaubert
Mark '04 and Katharine Jennings
Stuart and Sharon Johnson
Bernard and Lois Joubert
Chad and Ashley Judice
Michael and Judy Keefe
Bill and Mary Kellner
Kent and Felicia Kerne
Zach '09 and Brittney '09 Knight
Mark and Lana Kopieczek
Walter and Debbie Kremheller
Glenn and Sandra LaGrange
Christopher and Sarah Landreneau
Robert and Ruby Landry
Wayne and Debbie Landry
Joseph and Judy Lavergne
Wayne and Trudy Lavergne
W.C. Pete Lavergne
David and Amy '92 LeBlanc
Jim and Betty LeBlanc
Roy and Florence Lebouef
Carolyn Lemoine
Willie Lewis
Kyle and Michelle Libersat
Benny and Trista Littell
John Paul and Claire Masterson
Brian and Kathryn May
Phillip and Nell Mayeux
Cody and Lyndley McNabb
Rick and Barbara Melebeck
Rick '02 and Jackie Melebeck
Gloria Menard
Clifford and Lorenia Meyers
Lynwood and June Meyers
Vincent and Michelle Miholic
Karen Minor
Lorraine Mouton
Chris '98 and Ashley '98 Noto
Burt and Wendy Orgeto
Gary and Jo Perkins
Dan and Shannon Phillips
Kyle and Gabriele Pirtle
Broc Prejean
David and Debra Reed
Gerard and Suzanne Richard
Bill and Angie Riehl
Eddie and Yvonne Roberts
Doug and Lorraine Robichaux
Jacob Rodrigue
Merrick and Christy Romero
Paul and Mamie Romero
Barry and Linda Rozas
Erin Segura
Jennifer Sibille '01
Thomas and Linda Simar
Terrie St. Martin
William and Irma Stevenson
William '84 and Stephanie '83 Stevenson
Jacob and Emily Stoehr
Lance '96 and Kathryn '96 Strother
Eric and Ellen Stutes
Cinde Sulik
Eddie and Lori Talbot
Doug and Sandra Taylor
Daniel Terrebonne
Lisa Thomas
Ogden and Linda Thomas
David and Paula Thompson
Cynthia Tracy
David and Alexis Trahan
Laura Trahan
Gregory and Andria Waguespack
Ronald and Frances Waguespack
Margaret Waits
Jerome and Marlene Wenzel
Kenneth and Mary Werther
Gary and Debbie Wetzel
Kipp and Brooke Womack